In this project we expect to unravel the Azorean bee history and the same time to provide unprecedented insights into the role of emergent pathogens in the honey bee decline.


  • 1- DNA & RNA extractions
  • 2- Prevalence, loads, and diversity of honeybee viruses
  • 3- Prevalence and quantification of Nosema spp.
  • 4- MtDNA patterns of the Azorean honeybees
  • 5- Development of reduced SNP panels
  • 6- NcDNA patterns of the Azorean honeybees
  • 7- Identification of the Azorean honeybees by wing morphometry
  • 8- Development of a free software for honeybee identification by wing morphometry
  • 9- Knowledge transfer and training on honeybee breeding
  • 10- Development of molecular tools for honey authentication

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